Retail Pricing Policy

March 2022

Dear Valued Retailer,

BACK ON TRACK is proud to be represented in quality retail outlets throughout the United States and is committed to providing excellent service and support to our retailers as well as top quality products to your customers. To maintain that level of quality and service, to encourage demand for our products, and to offer the opportunity for retailers to profit from sales, BACK ON TRACK believes that fair and reasonable pricing is necessary to both the retailer and to BACK ON TRACK.

It is therefore BACK ON TRACK’s policy that its products be advertised, offered, quoted, and/or priced at the minimum suggested retail price by all retailers.  BACK ON TRACK will publish its minimum suggested retail prices annually. The minimum suggested retail price guidelines will be emailed to all retailers and will also be available on our wholesale website portal at Retailers are expected to comply with published prices immediately and to make any price adjustments within ten (10) business days from date of publication.

It is the stocking retailer’s responsibility to ensure that BACK ON TRACK products are not included in storewide sales. The exception to this policy is that each retailer is allowed additional sales on a case-by-case basis with approval with discounts up to 20% and up to four (4) days in duration on BACK ON TRACK products.  In addition, each retailer is allowed to offer up to a twenty percent (20%) discount on BACK ON TRACK products from “Black Friday” through “Cyber Monday’. To comply, each retailer must notify BACK ON TRACK via email at their intent to run such promotions and receive approval to run such promotional campaigns.

This policy is intended to protect the image and integrity of BACK ON TRACK products in the marketplace and to support our network of retailers who sell them.  BACK ON TRACK reserves the right to modify or discontinue this policy at any time.

Please share this policy with your sales and marketing personnel on a need-to-know basis to ensure that as a Back on Track retailer, you maintain compliance.

By virtue of placing orders and receiving shipments of Back on Track products, you agree to abide by our Retail Pricing Policy.  Violation of this policy gives BACK ON TRACK the right to suspend further sale of products to your business at their sole discretion.

Thank you for your continued support, your business, and your ongoing commitment to the Back on Track brand.

With appreciation,

Back on Track USA

Compliance Department

Doc# 20220324RPP

Printable Retail Pricing Policy Doc# 20220324RPP (002)