Physio Waist Brace 4-Way Stretch

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The +physio Waist Brace is powered by Welltex® technology and designed to provide a comfortable four-way stretch in a supportive, FDA-approved brace. Helps with tight or sore, lower back muscles is easy to put on and can be worn under any clothing.

  • May help provide relief for those with tight or sore, lower back muscles.
  • Powered with Welltex® technology.
  • Flexible to give extra support for your lower back and waist.
  • The 4-WAY STRETCH makes the waist girdle comfortable to wear whether you are sitting, bending over, or standing.
  • The Waist Girdle is a “pull-on” model without front closing to increase comfort.
  • Can be worn in everyday life, discreetly under any outfit, even during sleep.
  • Figure-hugging fit, with good breathability.

Measure the waist to find the right size. If you choose between two sizes, take it smaller.

S: 60-69 cm
M: 70-79 cm
L: 80-89 cm
XL: 90-99 cm
XXL: 100-109 cm

Fabric: 56% polyester, 35% polyamide, 9% elastane, with Welltex® technology
Support springs: 100% polyamide

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