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Therapeutic Calf Brace - Classic 2-Way Stretch

Size: Small

Our Therapeutic Classic Calf Brace is popular among athletes and may be helpful to those with post-exercise muscle cramps or discomfort in their calves due to excessive running, jumping, or lifting heavy weights. This calf brace has an elastic 2-way stretch providing extra support to the calf and leverages our Welltex® technology, which reflects your body’s own energy to create a soothing far infrared effect that stimulates blood flow and reduces inflammation. The Back on Track Therapeutic Calf Brace is FDA Approved.

  • Welltex® technology
  • Designed for optimal fit
  • Can relieve problems that cause pain in the calf and tibia
  • May reduce problems with stiffness and cramping
  • Helps with symptoms related to Periostitis
Material Specification

Material: 65% Polypropylene, 18% Elastodien, 17% Polyester

Welltex Technology

Care and Washing Instructions