Millie Stable Blanket

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Durable stable cover with Welltex® technology.

Millie is a horse blanket with a good fit and well-thought-out design. A glossy lining over the bow section and generous bow pleats provide plenty of space and prevent chafing. The cover has a light filling of 200 grams of polyfill and is perfect to use both by itself as a stable cover, or as a first layer under a rain cover. 

The blanket has a woven inner lining that is kind to the fur and prevents hairs from getting caught in the fabric. It also contributes to the cover being more stable in place without creeping backwards. The entire inside of the blanket has embedded  Welltex® technology , which can stimulate blood circulation and contribute to good flexibility and mobility in muscles and joints. Perfect as extra support and recovery. The effect can also alleviate problems with stiffness, inflammation and osteoarthritis.

Millie has a strong and durable outer fabric with ripstop. Adjustable with double front fastening and velcro fastening at the front, criss-cross straps under the belly and a tail strap with D-rings.

This is a new version of the Millie blanket, with an improved fit around the neck and a new fur-friendly inner lining.

Available with either a Knitted or Woven Lining. 

 Welltex® technology
• High shoulder folds for good mobility
• Breathability and moisture control
• Knitted or Woven inner lining
• Durable outer fabric
• Adjustable with double front snap and Velcro fastening at the front
• Cross-made, tail strap with D-rings

Outer fabric: 100% polyester
Filling: 100% Polyfill
Feed 1: 100% Polyester
Feed 2: 100% Polyamide
Band: 100% polyester

with Welltex® technology.

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