Lancer Western Air Pad

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WesternPadd with good breathing function and Welltex® technology.

High quality pad for Western saddles, with L UFT hole on the pages for an improved air circulation and convenience during long riding. The pad is built in three different layers for the best possible comfort and fit. Nearly the horse's back there is a soft non-slip felt material with embedded Welltex® technology . The technology can, among other things, contribute to increased blood circulation in the horse's back, and promote both achievement and recovery.

The other layer of the pad consists of 1.5 cm pressure distributing foam for minimizing disturbing movements and hard shocks from the rider without preventing important signals. The outer layer consists of 0.5 cm felt, which has good moisture regulating abilities and helps your horse stay cool and dry even through the toughest challenges.

The pad is anatomically shaped over the back with leather details for an extra good fit and to prevent scales.

Size: 32x32 "

  • Welltex® technology

  • Pressure distribution foam

  • Nonslip Felt material

  • Anatomical fit

  • Leather details

  • Air holes for extra ventilation

Material 1: 100% Polyester
Material 2: 100% Leather
Filling: 100% Polyurethane
Feed: 100% polyester

with Welltex® technology.

The minerals that give the effect are woven in the material and cannot be washed or be worn away. Always follow the wash instructions on the label to the product.

Clean by wiping clean with a damp cloth. Not washed.

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