Therapeutic Neck Brace Cover

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Like our Dickey Bib and our other neck therapy products, our neck cover may help those who are suffering from whiplash or other neck-related injuries. Our neck cover has been designed in partnership with the Swedish Patient Rehabilitation Organization specifically for whiplash sufferers. Our neck therapy products utilize Welltex® Technology to reflect your body’s energy, providing a soothing infrared effect and helping to reduce inflammation, ease muscle tension, and increase blood circulation. The neckpiece fastens around your neck with the use of a hook and loop fastener. For best results, we recommend wearing our neck cover in direct contact with your skin. If you also have shoulder discomfort, combine the Neck Cover with our T-shirt or long-sleeve shirt for maximum benefit.

  • Welltex® Technology
  • Easy to take on / off
  • Covers the neck and the top vertebrae
  • Can be used for temporary and long-lasting problems in the neck

Find the correct size by measuring the circumference of the neck


35 cm


39 cm


43 cm


45 cm


Fabric: 50% polyester, 50% cotton
Filling: 80% polyester, 20% polypropylene

with Welltex® technology.

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