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    Elegant and functional cover.

    A fantastic quilt in as both you and your horse will love! The entire blanket is lined with our innovative Power Waffle ™ textile with Wellellex® -Technology . The technology gives the blanket a high emissivity value, that is, extra high reflection values ​​of infrared energy. Your horse thus gets the best conditions for optimal preparation and recovery by stimulating blood circulation and The production of nitrogen oxide in the blood vessels increases. It can make it easier for rigid backs and provide an increased mobility, while having a relieving effect on osteoarthritis and inflammation.

    The blanket has a high breathability and moisture regulating properties. Perfect as a stall-tire, for training or competition. Quick buckle up makes it easy to take on the blanket, and a hidden stomachy ensures that it is in place. The stomach can be removed when needed, for example on competition. Soft filling of polypill and a quilted pattern makes the blanket stable on the horse.

    Thick and soft synthetic fur around the neck and over the jack to pressurize and prevent scales. The entire blanket has a browned fabric with an elegant dark brown passport around the edge band. On the left there is an elegant back on track-badge in PU leather with metal emblem.

    Do not miss the rest of HAZE COLLECTION , perfect to match with the blanket.

    • Welltex® technology

    • Power Waffle ™ textile

    • 200g Filling

    • Good breathing function

    • Moisture regulating properties

    • hidden stomach

    • Fluffy faux fur over manke and neck

    • Back on track-badge on page

    Outer fabric: 100% polyester
    Filling: 100% Polyfill
    Feed: 100% polyester, with Welltex® technology
    Accessories: 80% polyester, 20% cotton

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