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    The Werano is a well-designed halter with that little extra. The soft and cushioning foam prevents chafing at the neck and side pieces and over the bridge of the nose. Lined with reflective Welltex® technology to stimulate blood circulation and contribute to more mobile and relaxed muscles in the sensitive areas around the neck and ganaches.

    The halter is black with elegant, gold-colored metal buckles. Easily adjustable to fit your horse. Easy to close with a clasp throat latch.

    * Welltex® technology
    * SBR foam prevents chafing
    * Adjustable at the side pieces and nose
    * Gold-colored buckles
    * Available in several colors

    Material Specification
    Material: 100% Polypropylene
    Filling: 100% SBR
    Lining: 100% Polypropylene with Welltex® technology
    Buckles: 100% gold-colored metal


    Welltex® technology contains a unique composition of natural minerals. The minerals capture body heat and convert it into long-wave infrared energy, which is reflected back to the skin, joints, and muscles. Infrared energy is known for its ability to increase blood circulation, which can be helpful during recovery from injuries, wear and tear, inflammation, or tense muscles. Read more about Welltex®.
    Care and washing instructions
    The product should be kept clean for maximum effect. The minerals that give the effect are woven into the material and can not be washed or worn away. Always follow the washing instructions on the product label.

    Handwash only. Air dry. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Do not dry clean. Do not iron. Do not tumble dry.

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