EQ3 Smooth Shell



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  • Our EQ3 riding helmets are equipped with Mips® safety system, a Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS), to help protect against brain injury. The EQ3 model excelled in Folksam's riding helmet test in 2021, where it received the award Good Choice!

    The helmet has a stylish look with a matte finish and a visor in artificial leather. The ventilation holes provide good airflow and help keep you cool during riding sessions. The liner (inner lining) has our Coolmax® technology which keeps you dry and gives a comfortable feeling by transporting away the moisture. The lining is removable and can be easily washed clean with lukewarm water.

    The EQ3 riding helmets are approved according to the new safety standard CE VG1 01.040 2014-12.

    * Mips® safety system
    * Ventilation holes
    * Washable functional lining
    * Three-point bracket
    * Approved for riding in all disciplines

    Folksam's Riding Helmet Test
    Folksam's test is completely independent where you test the safety of ordinary riding helmets. After the test, Folksam gives awards to the helmets that perform best. The helmets that reach the best overall result are marked Best in Test or Good Choice.

    MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System and is a system placed inside the helmet, designed to protect the brain by reducing the harmful forces in any case from e.g. horse and bicycle, etc. Read more about MIPS.

    Coolmax® is developed to keep you dry and increase your comfort. Made of specially treated polyester fiber with a unique surface construction that transports moisture away from the skin through the outer layer of the fabric, where it dries faster and therefore regulates the skin's temperature through condensation cooling. Read more about Coolmax®. 

    This helmet is designed for head shapes that are more ‘ROUND’ in nature, versus ‘OBLONG’. When purchasing an EQ3, we suggest measuring your head, (see measuring video), then refer to the size chart and order one size up. For example, a 56cm head measurement would look to purchase a 57cm helmet.

    Important: See our Helmet Sizing Guide

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