Therapeutic Horse Cap


This head cap may help with tenseness and stiffness in the horse’s poll or head area as well as to calm horses that are easily excitable, distracted, or nervous.

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The Equine Head Cap is designed with our Welltex material to aid in reducing discomfort caused by TMJ, poll tension and stiffness. The Head Cap can also aid in calming horses that are easily excitable or nervous. The cap is designed to cover both the atlas and the axis. It has closures around the ears for optimal adjustability and laces on each side that fasten under the throat. This product should be worn under a halter or bridle.

Included: One Head Cap

Colors: Black

Instructions for Care: Please view our Instructions for Use and Care of Back on Track Products.

If you’d like to learn more about our therapeutic horse cap, please feel free to contact us. A member of our team would be happy to address any questions you have.

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Cob, Full

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The head cap comes in two sizes, full and cob. A cob-sized head cap is for a smaller horse or large pony. A full-sized horse cap is for horses with an average to a large-sized head.