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Pet Igloo


The Pet Igloo by Back on Track is for both dogs and cats of smaller size. This cozy and stylish bed lined with Welltex technology provides a comfortable safe place for your pet to relax and feel at home.
Interior dimensions: 15″ x 15″

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Cozy animal bed with Welltex® technology for both dogs and cats. Combines stylish design with function and is made with high-tech materials. The igloo is a comfortable and safe place for your pet to relax and monitor its surroundings in peace and quiet. Easy to fold and pack up for the trip or tuck away at home if necessary. The igloo is like a small cave and will make your dog or cat feel at home whenever you are not.

The bed is lined with Welltex® technology to increase circulation and promote flexibility. The technology can also make it easier for animals with osteoarthritis, stiffness, inflammation, or joint diseases.

The dog/cat bed is easy to wash, the outer fabric is removable with a zipper at the bottom. Non-slip on the underside means that the igloo stands stable in place even during play and mischief.

    • Welltex® technology
    • comfortable filling
    • Anti-slip on the underside
    • Easy to clean, can be machine washed
    • leather details

Perfect for both small dogs and cats

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