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Nights Collection All-Purpose Saddle Pad


The Nights Collection All Purpose Saddle Pad is made with our No1 design, has two layers of filling for added shock absorption and breathability, and lined in our new innovative waffle™ fabric with Welltex® technology. New Colors:  Coffee, Graphite, Noble Blue, Nougat



The Nights Collection All-Purpose Saddle Pad by Back on Track is lined with Welltex® technology and our innovative Power Waffle™ fabric, which emits infrared energy for optimal preparation and recovery. The technology can help your horse’s muscles support the rider helping to relieve stiffness over the back.

The Nights Collection All Purpose Saddle Pad has a two-layer filling for shock absorbing and breathability. Made with our famous No1 design, which is heavily raised over the spine and withers to provide more space and reduce pressure.

Available in various sizes and colors.

  • Welltex® technology
  • Power Waffle™ textile
  • No1 design
  • Shock and pressure absorbing two-layer filling
  • Excellent breathability
  • Tailored fit

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Coffee, Graphite, Noble Blue, Nougat, Black, Navy, White


Pony, Cob, Full

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