Riding Helmet Registration


Protecting yourself and your loved ones while enjoying equestrian sports and how best to do that is top-of-mind when purchasing protective head gear. Trauma Void, Back on Track’s line of protective head gear for equestrian sports is the leader in high-quality equine riding helmets. These helmets contain cutting-edge protective technology, such as the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS), which has been utilized in helmets for cyclists, motorcyclists, and winter sport enthusiasts for years to help reduce the rotational force exerted on the brain during crashes. Trauma Void Helmets have you covered! Providing you another level of un-matched customer satisfaction is our Helmet Crash Replacement Policy.
  1. Purchase a Trauma Void helmet of any style or color
  2. Upon receipt of your helmet purchase, make sure it’s the style and comfort you were expecting.
  3. If you decide a change needs to be made, you have 10-days from date of purchase to return the helmet. Please DO NOT remove the tags, or discard the protective carrying bag or helmet box that your purchase arrived in. (Please see our Return Policy for added detail)
  4. Once you have determined that all is good with your purchase, please review our Helmet Registration Form below and register your helmet purchase and submit the completed form. This is the only way to qualify for our Crash Replacement Program should you have a fall.

    Once registered, and in the event of a crash, our Helmet Crash Replacement Policy allows you to purchase a replacement helmet at 50% of the purchase price. This policy goes into effect from the date of purchase for a period of two (2) years! The value of this 50% replacement is sent to you in the form of a CRCC (Crash Replacement Coupon Code) that allows you to redeem that code at backontrackusa.com for 50% of the MSRP value of the helmet.

    Go review the Helmet Crash Report Form and complete the online form, then press submit.  Upon submission, please allow us two (2) business days to respond. Once received, we will reply to your submission and if approved, will provide you with a CRCC to be used in your next purchase.