Letter from our Managing Director

Over the past year, Back on Track and Trauma Void, like many companies, have faced uncertainties and disruptions. Back on Track and Trauma Void have consolidated and now fall under our new company, Back on Track BOT LLC, part of Back on Track’s global family of brands.

In recent months, we apologize for a lack of communication, inventory availability, and new product offerings.  The circumstances that led to this situation were outside of our control but have since been remedied.

As we move forward from this difficult time, we express excitement and enthusiasm about the coming fall, the coming New Year, and be able to share with you new product offerings that we hope you love!

Our current inventory stock is limited, and we ask for your patience as we rebuild our inventory and product selection.  Many resellers are beginning to order stock so please reach out to them, while we continue to build inventory levels and begin to offer a widening selection of products.

Our current website offers product information, sizing charts for helmets, dog coats and equine blankets. If your questions cannot be answered on our website, please send us an email at info@backontrackusa.com  and we will attempt to respond to you as quick as possible.  Helmet returns and exchanges are managed via our website Returns (backontrackusa.com)

And in closing, I personally want to share with you along with our Back on Track team members, our commitment and dedication to serving you in the future at the highest level and to rebuild your trust in us and in the Back on Track brand.

James S. Ruder

Back on Track BOT LLC