With the worlds supply chain challenges affecting almost every industry sector, we are pleased to announce that some of our bestselling products will be back in stock very soon. Additionally, a new line of Werano Halters and Opal Exercise Boots (these are awesome) will be coming to a retailer near you, just in time for the holiday season.

As we move into the fall, we are still understaffed, so please avoid calling our office. We are unable to answer product availability, product usage, product sizing and other related questions. We know it’s frustrating but answers to most questions can be found on our website.

We continue to build a new team of Back on Track industry experts, and we hope that in early 2022 we can once again be available to answer your questions.

Thank you for your understanding, while we, GET BACK ON TRACK!

Cordially and respectfully,

James S. Ruder
Managing Director – USA
Back on Track BOT LLC