Limber Up FAQ

Can I compete in USEF or FEI sanctioned competitions?

Yes, Limber Up is BSCG CERTIFIED DRUG FREE – Compete with Confidence! The Banned Substances Control Group program provides assurance that the ingredients used to produce these formulas are free from banned substances and other harmful agents as currently defined by international racing and sport horse authorities that can lead to health concerns or positive drug tests. For more information visit:

Is it safe to use Limber Up on animals with sensitive skin?

Yes, Limber Up was created without harsh chemicals and was especially formulated for animals with sensitive skin.

Is it safe to bandage over or use under Back on Track and other types of therapy equipment?

Yes, you may use Limber Up with or without bandages and it’s especially effective when used under Back on Track Welltex products.

Can I use Limber Up under my tack?

Yes. Limber Up can be used without worry under tack, blankets and all types of harnesses and training equipment.

Can I use Limber Up to cool out my horse after a work out?

Yes, add a couple of ounces of Limber Up into a bucket of water and sponge the entire body and legs. This acts as an overall brace and wash and will leave your horses coat smooth and resilient. No need to rinse!

What is the difference between Limber Up Liniment and Limber Up Liniment Foam?

The only difference between the liquid and the foam is that the foam technology inserts air into the liniment. The foam characteristics allow for easy application especially on vertical surfaces. For many, its at matter of choice.

When should I use Limber Up Liniment or Liniment Foam?

It should be used whenever you need to cool an area on the body or legs. Apply to tight muscles, tendons and ligaments. Apply before, during or after exercise to help stimulate circulation and help remove any build-up of lactic acid or other toxins.

Can I use Limber Up as a massage liniment?

Yes! It can be applied full strength or feel free to add a small amount of common massage oils such as almond oil, apricot oil, coconut oil or jojoba oil to the Limber Up Liniment base.

Is it safe to warm up Limber Up before using?

Yes, you can put your bottle into a container of tepid or hot water to warm up Limber Up. You may also apply the liniment and rub in with friction to generate heat to a specific muscle or area that you want to warm up/increase circulation to.

Does Limber Up contain alcohol?

No. Alcohol is known to dry out and extract essential oils from the skin and coat making it less healthy and more susceptible to the elements.

Liniment Shampoo

Why does the Liniment Shampoo not lather as much as other shampoos?

The formula does not contain any harsh chemicals like Sodium Laurel Sulfate, which is a high sudsing agent. The liniment shampoo is designed to cleanse, improve skin and coat health, and be easy to apply and rinse off. Any residual Liniment Shampoo left on the coat is okay!

Do I need to use a conditioner?

There is no need to use any additional conditioners or softeners. There are no harsh chemicals that strip the oils out of the coat. Limber Up contains natural bioflavonoids, and natural oils that produce a beautifully silky feel to both the mane and tail as well as the coat.