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How Using the Right Therapeutic Wrist Brace Can Get You Back in Action

When you are dealing with an injury, it can be quite defeating when you see the activities that everyone around you is able to engage in. This can often lead to frustration and impatience, which only ends up making everything worse in the long run. If you have a wrist injury that results from horseback […]

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Three Of The Most Common Places For Arthritis and Treatments

Many adults throughout the United States suffer from some sort of arthritis. The most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis affects about 31 million Americans. This number makes up the vast majority of doctor-diagnosed arthritis, which overall is at 54 million. By 2040, this is expected to exceed 78 million. Below is a list […]

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4 Reasons Why Animals and Humans Should Wear Support Braces

Available in a variety of materials and sizes, therapeutic braces are common treatment options for both athletes and animals. This type of health aid effectively decreases swelling, promotes recovery, and potentially reduces the risk of future injury. As a proud provider of therapeutic brace products, we wanted to take the time to explain why you, your […]

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Regain Your Confidence After a Horseback Riding Injury

It isn’t easy to get back in the saddle after a bad fall—it takes confidence, determination, and hours of hard work. Particularly if you were involved in a serious accident, it may take a lot to overcome the fear that’s been getting to you. While you may feel apprehensive about riding right now, there are […]

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Common Injuries Among Equestrians (And How To Prevent Them!)

Like all sports, horseback riding is a fun activity that can result in bodily harm through a variety of ways. Countless horse riders are injured every year through accidents, repetitive motions, or basic slip and falls. But what injuries are more likely to affect equestrians? Here are some injuries and accidents to look out for […]

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