Helmet Safety Series - Brain Injury Awareness

March is recognized by the CDC and the Brain Injury Association of America as Brain Injury Awareness Month providing an important opportunity to bring attention to the prevention of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and to promote strategies to improve the quality of life for persons living with TBI and their families.

According to a study published in April 2016, conducted by the Journal of Neurosurgery Equestrian sports were the greatest contributors to sports-related TBI (45.2%). 

Back on Track is a global leader in the development of equestrian riding helmets that meet or exceed the toughest compliance standards imposed by the industry and are objectively evaluated through 3rd party testing.  Third-party testing of all types of helmets without bias is a critical step in building customer confidence and instilling safety in the culture of the industry.

Back on Track has been involved and in support of independent testing since its inception and is very proud that the Back on Track EQ3 helmet and now the Lynx and Pardus helmets are considered Best in Test or Good Choice by two gold standard testing organizations, Europe’s Folkam, and the US’s Virginia Tech Testing Lab.

With the focus on Brain Injury Awareness month, there is a lot to think about when searching for the perfect riding helmet. Back on Track is putting together an educational series highlighting the Trauma Void Helmets available through Back on Track USA, what makes them unique, and the MIPS safety standard that all Back on Track helmets are equipped with.

Back on Track’s passion and commitment to rider safety is second to none.  In that, Back on Track will be utilizing a portion of proceeds from the sale of their riding helmets to support the campaign of brain injury awareness and its importance to all of us.

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Helmet Safety Series - Brain Injury Awareness